Ranking of payday loans over the Internet – what to look for

Ranking of payday loans over the Internet – what to look for


Ranking of payday loans over the Internet – what to look for

Being a new, potential client of non-bank companies, we certainly want to be sure of the institution that we intend to use.

Non-bank payday loans via the Internet are currently a total hit. We can see that over fifty companies want to present their offers to us. So which to use? For starters, we have to ask ourselves what are we really looking for? What amount of payday loan is to be granted?


Not everyone offers more than a few thousand zlotys without major formalities. Usually, we can easily use the services of many non-banking companies, up to a thousand zlotys, just an ID document and it’s ready! Another thing is the deadline. Usually, it does not exceed a month.

This is a minus of non-bank payday loans or short-term payday loans. Their repayment dates are not too long.


What time to choose?

Of course, we have the option of extending it, but it costs a lot of money. If we already know what we are looking for, it is worth finding a suitable offer quickly and without any problems. Due to the fact that there are several dozen non-banking companies, checking their offers separately is not the goal.

We can do it much more efficiently. All you need to do is look for a non-bank payday loan ranking . In this simple way, literally on one page, we find offers of many non-bank institutions. Each of them briefly presents their offers, but their browsing also means wasting time. In the end, we’ve set our requirements in advance to now enter them into the search engine.

In this simple way, we can find for ourselves the optimal offer of non-bank payday loans. However, this is an additional option, which is not always available in every ranking. Thanks to such possibilities, we can quickly choose a good offer without wasting time in front of the computer.


However, let’s remember to check whether the websites that offer us bank payday loans outside rankings are updated. Due to the fact that there are more and more money-lending companies, their proposals are more interesting, much better for new clients of such payday loan companies.

And we never skip regulations of such moments, these can also change suddenly on the portal of a given non-bank company.

Mortgage Interest Rate: The Payday Loans In February

Mortgage Interest Rate: The Payday Loans In February


According to the Housing Credit / CSA observation, in February 2019, borrowing interest rates for real estate continued to fall slightly . The overall average rate is 1.44%, compared to 1.45% in January, all durations combined. The observatory set up by the market institute in conjunction with a collective of the largest banks in France studies each month the evolution of rates. These data are gross, excluding insurance and fees.

Historically low rates

Historically low rates

Over the past year, changes in mortgage rates have generally stabilized at a very low level. Real rates , inflation deducted, are even negative since the summer of 2018, the unheard of for 45 years.

It has been a year since the mortgage is experiencing a situation that appears to be historic . On the one hand, the average rates charged are lower than the level of inflation, 1.47% for old goods and 1.48% for new goods. On the other hand, the Banque de France announces total outstandings of over € 1 trillion, an amount never achieved before.

Another highlight, the duration of home loans has increased simultaneously with lower rates. Over the last 6 years, the average duration has increased by 2 years .

A rate cut that barely offsets rising prices

A rate cut that barely offsets rising prices

Since the end of 2015, 20-year rates have risen from 2.31% to 1.40%. It therefore seems much more favorable to take out a mortgage in 2019 than in 2015. However, to be complete, the analysis must also take into account the rise in real estate prices , which is, on average, 8.2% over the same period. One can therefore judiciously question the interest that there can be to borrow to buy in 2019.

If we examine the case of a house bought 200 000 € in December 2015, with a loan over 20 years at a rate of 2.31%, the monthly payments are, excluding insurance, to 1 041,39 €, or a total of 20 years of € 249,933.60.

The same property, acquired in March 2019, would cost € 216,400 given the average increase of 8.2%. With an interest rate of 1.4% over an identical period, monthly payments would be € 1,034, a total cost excluding insurance of € 248,160.

The “low rate” effect has just offset the rise in prices. In the same way, if the “purchasing power” real estate, because of very low rates, has increased from 200 000 € to 217 882 €, repayment monthly identical to 2015, again, the effect is very limited because of the price increase. It is therefore safe to say that rising prices do not affect households’ “purchasing power” . It is even better in areas where prices have risen less .


I will provide a private payday loan quickly and without checking the databases

There are unforeseen situations in life. This is especially true in the least expected moment. Despite the carefully planned finances, it may happen, therefore, a random situation that completely disturbs the home budget, and even at the same time may lead to its preservation. Such situations can not be predicted, even when we show small savings. The situation is particularly painful if our domestic investments are made from external funds, i.e. payday loans or bank payday loans. Consequently, there are difficulties in obtaining new, free resources. Not everyone, however, has a family from whom he can borrow money in a crisis situation. Then what? The situation is not as hopeless as it might seem at first glance.

Why not from a bank or other institution?

It is easy to imagine a situation in which there are many Poles every day. Immediately after taking a bank payday loan or consolidation payday loan, an unexpected expense appears. We are forced to organize bigger or smaller cash in a quick way. What possibilities appear in our head? A payday loan from the bank, if we have the creditworthiness to a higher amount. What if, however, we do not have such an option? The second, commonly used option are payday loans from friends or family. However, they have a significant disadvantage that firstly they are exposed to family rumors and, secondly, the amounts of such payday loans are usually not too high. All this means that many people are discouraged from borrowing from the family. You can not be surprised by such views. Another option, much more risky are payday loans from a couple of banks.

It is risky because institutions of this type often charge huge interest rates of up to several thousand percent. This makes repayment on time, with other financial commitments, practically impossible. Many people in the search for quick funds fall into the loop of bank payday loans, from which it is very difficult to leave a defensive hand. There is still a payday loan option available on the market. And if we have movable property, it can work, it’s hard to get more cash, leaving small jewelery or electronic equipment. Lack of repayment on time, i.e. the purchase of a pledge, may result in the loss of a thing that was pledged below the market price. This is unpleasant, especially if it concerns family souvenirs or gifts. By inadequate value for the price of the pledge, it is worth avoiding this type of method to obtain cash.

Where to get knowledge about the sources of financing?

When looking for solutions to financial problems, we will search Internet forums, classifieds websites or even browse the traditional press. You can find there a huge number of ads from banking institutions or pawnshops. Among them, however, there may appear an advertisement for this type of content: “I will grant a private payday loan quickly and without checking”. Private payday loans are becoming more and more popular because they completely bypass banking institutions and the banking couple, thanks to which the profits are exchanged directly by the lender and the borrower. This allows you to minimize the cost of the transaction. It is worth analyzing deeply the topic of private payday loans.

Advantages of private payday loans

Private payday loans are less expensive for a person taking a payday loan from other methods outside the bank. On the other hand, bypassing the whole system also results in increased profits for the lender. The current banking system works in such a way that a person with excess cash places a deposit in the bank and receives a percentage as a matrix. Meanwhile, a person looking for cash gets the debit to a higher percentage to meet their needs. The difference between the percentages is the bank’s profit reduced by operating costs and other costs. By opting for a private payday loan, the whole system is bypassed and the percentages are negotiated. This allows for a compromise between the parties to the contract, so that they are satisfied. By avoiding operating costs, it is easier to find a compromise. Another advantage of omitting the banking system is the time advantage.

I will provide a private payday loan quickly and without checking the bases

Two parties to the payday loan agreement can get along even in a few minutes to sign a contract, in the banking system it is a long and arduous estimation and expectation. It is therefore a good solution for people who care about time. And as you know, when you are in a difficult and unexpected situation, often there is no time to deal with banking formalities and search for appropriate certificates or insurance. The signing of the contract and the cash or non-cash exchange can take as long as several minutes as long as both parties are in agreement.

What is more important is the simplicity and clarity of the contract? Compared to payday loan agreements in a bank, the alternative to a private person is simple and easy to understand. To sign it is not necessary even a lawyer, and ready forms can be found on the network. It is also a good alternative for people with unfavorable credit history – private individuals do not use the Credit Information Bureau , thereby incurring the risk of transactions in exchange for increased transaction profits. As you can see, private payday loans have many advantages, but do they have any, which exclude them? Do they generate threats?

Threats and defects of a private payday loan

As you can see above, the advantages of private payday loans are mainly for people taking out payday loans? However, this form also has its drawbacks. If someone chooses an advertisement from the forum, I will give a private payday loan quickly and without checking the databases, it is easy for a dishonest fellow to bring a case in court or get a bailiff’s job. Especially in the era of online courts. Debt can also be sold to debt collection companies. The last advantage of these, and therefore the inability to check the credit history of a person, is a threat especially to the lender. It is difficult to estimate whether the profits will be adequate to the costs incurred, and the borrowed funds will be recovered. This is the key risk borne by the lender. There are also other possibilities that a person will not start paying off the money. Many people also try to lend money only to friends, to minimize this risk.

To sum up, private payday loans are an interesting alternative to other methods of obtaining funds. However, they should be provided in a rational manner and with all caution.