Online mini-credits of up to € 800 in 15min!


Granting of fast small loan 

Saucey Credit is a Spanish online platform, owned by the company Saucey Credit Spain SLU, which specializes in the granting of fast small loan of up to 800 euros to be returned within a maximum period of 30 days.

Betting, travel, purchase of machinery and equipment, reforms. There are many situations that arise in the day to day that require immediate liquidity that, many times, is impossible to achieve through a traditional banking entity, especially in recent years of behind. 2016 and 2017 have not been better than previous years and, today, it is still very difficult to get fast financing through the bank of a lifetime.

Given these scenarios, independent financial institutions such as Sucesy credit become the solution for many families, entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs who need immediate liquidity and need it now.

And, getting money instantly is as easy as making an online application for a mini-loan from your home sofa, conveniently and safely.

The money requested in your account in just a few minutes.

Sucesy credit: Advantages of your online mini-credits

Sucesy credit: Advantages of your online mini-credits

It is clear that choosing a platform to request a quick mini-loan is not easy because of the wide variety of financial institutions that exist today. If you decide to apply online and opt for Sucesy credit, you should know that there are numerous advantages:

Online mini-credits at the moment

After making the request, you will get an answer in just a few minutes.

If you have ever requested a loan from the bank, you will have plenty of time to approve or reject an application. It can be extended up to more than 30 days. And worst of all, they request a large volume of documentation as an indispensable requirement for the granting of the loan or credit in question.

In the case of Sucesy credit this is not so.

In many cases it is not even necessary to provide documentation and in the cases that do, it will be made known once the application is approved: they will inform you what documentation is necessary to process the request as quickly as possible and where you have to send it, since it is of online mini-credits.

In addition, anyone who meets a series of common requirements can apply for a mini loan in Sucesy credit. In the case that you are a foreign citizen, you will need to be a Spanish resident and have an NIE document or passport. No additional documentation is necessary for the approval of your application to occur.

Financial Credit Institutions online mini-credits in Sucesy credit

This financier approves the granting of loans with Financial Credit Institutions as long as the borrower is not registered in said delinquent file as a cause of default of a financial debt, or as long as the debt does not exceed 2,000 euros.

Now getting mini loans with Financial Credit Institutions is easier than ever thanks to Saucey Credit and another series of online financiers that support Financial Credit Institutions micro loans. Up to 800 euros and choosing the return period. Can you ask for more?

Up to 800 euros to be returned in 30 days

You choose the amount you need and the return period and you do it through the online application for the mini-credit.

When entering this online platform, both through the PC and through your smartphone, you will find a box in which you must select how much money you want and how long you want to return it.

The repayment of the credit or loan will take place in a single payment on the due date and for the total amount requested. Only then will the cancellation of the loan in Sucesy credit occur.

Easy, fast and safe. The money you need directly in your bank account and in just a few minutes.

Without hiring insurance or additional financial products

Credit Sucesy does not obligate the borrower, under any circumstances, to contract an insurance policy or any other financial product in exchange for approving his credit application.

Secure online operations

The financial website has an SSL certificate to provide greater security to all transactions and data or documentation that takes place through your domain.

Do you realize the advantages of applying for an online mini credit at Sucesy credit?

Conditions and requirements of the applicant

Conditions and requirements of the applicant

Saucey Credit applies Spanish legislation to all its loans and fast credits. Specifically, all contracts will be governed by Law 16/20111 of June 24 on consumer credit agreements and Law 22/2007 of July 11 on distance marketing of financial services for consumers.

The requirements demanded by a financial company like this have nothing to do with the long list of requirements that any bank can request from the borrower today.

In Sucesy credit the requirements to obtain the loan or mini- loan are:

  • Be 21 years old
  • Reside in Spain.
  • It has demonstrable periodic income. This does not mean that loans without payroll are not granted, but that there must be some type of income that guarantees the return of the requested amount. It can be a payroll, but it can also be a pension, an unemployment benefit or others.
  • Have your own bank account.
  • Have a personal mobile phone.
  • Not having debts greater than 2,000 euros at the time of applying for the loan.

How to apply for quick mini loans at Sucesy credit

How to apply for quick mini loans at Sucesy credit

Applying for a microcredit online at Sucesy credit is very simple. You just have to follow the following steps:

  1. Fill out the online application with your data.

Once you have clear the amount you need and have decided to apply for Sucesy credit, the first thing is to access the website of the financial (put affiliate link). The online application form is on the home page. You can reach it through the upper box, selecting the amount you want to request and the return period and clicking on “request”.

From there you will be redirected to the application form at the bottom of the page. There you will have to fill in a series of tabs: personal data, additional information, identification and verification. Basically, it is about entering your personal data and your bank account number to which, in case of approval of your quick loan application, the money will be transferred in minutes.

In between this data contribution, Crédito Sucesy will carry out some data verification tests to provide security to the operation and make sure that you are really the one requesting this mini-loan and not any other person who is using your data to obtain the money.

  1. Data verification and documentation submission, if applicable.

Thus, it is common to request a copy of the DNI, NIE or passport and an extract of the bank account to verify that it is in your name. In case you are asked for this documentation it is as simple as sending it to the email that will be provided during the request.

  1. Receipt of the requested money

In a matter of seconds you will know if your credit application has been approved or not. If so, you will receive the money directly in your bank account. Thus, it is possible to get fast microcredits online in a matter of minutes. Moreover, on their official website they ensure that the transfer of money occurs in less than 15 minutes. Faster, impossible!

Normally, if you are a new customer, you cannot request more than 300 euros to be returned within a maximum period of 30 days, but in subsequent applications you can access credits from 50 euros to 800 euros.

Loan repayment

The refund of the money received by Sucesy credit will be made in a single payment on the date previously agreed upon when making the request. Said refund will be made by bank transfer to the account number provided by the entity itself.

In the event that there is a delay in payment, and you have not pre-notified to make a deferred consent, you will necessarily face a penalty that includes the payment of late payment interest that corresponds to a daily 1% from the date in which you should have processed the return. Of course, this penalty will never exceed 2.5 times the APR of that moment.

In short, do you need a microcredit with Financial Credit Institutions urgently and surely that you can request from your home computer? Then Credit Sucesy is the financial one you need.

All this information has been extracted from the terms and conditions of the official website of Sucesy credit.

Sucesy credit Summary

Summary: Do you need urgent financing? Do you have an unforeseen last minute and need liquidity? Sucesy credit offers you up to € 800 in just 15 minutes even while in Financial Credit Institutions. They offer the first credit of up to € 300 without any interest!