Small Payday Loan for Security

 Anyone who takes up employment and earns a regular income can obtain a loan from German banks. In addition, the borrower must be creditworthy in the eyes of the bank, which is checked on the basis of the data at the Schufa.If there is a negative entry from a prospective lender, a lending is not possible. The possibility to hide such an entry does not exist, because every German bank checks the data in the context of the loan processing with the Schufa.For persons, who do not get a loan with a German bank, the possibility remains to request a small loan without Schufa. The small loan despite Schufa is an alternative to the classic loans. Better known is the small loan without Schufa often called Swiss credit , because in most cases, a non-schufa credit comes from a bank in Switzerland.


Secure small loan without Schufa online – even with negative Schufa data

Secure small loan without Schufa online - even with negative Schufa data

 The small loan without Schufa can only be applied for over the Internet, they are usually mediated by special providers. The small loan despite Schufa has a rather bad reputation, as many credit brokers exploit the difficult situation of their customers and collect fees and commissions in advance, without a small loan without Schufa is mediated. Reputable brokers, on the other hand, can arrange a schufa-free small loan from abroad.

The small loan despite Schufa can only be applied for up to a certain amount. As a rule, the upper limit is 3,500 euros, but there are now more and more providers who also grant their German customers loans in the amount of 5,000 euros. In order to get a small loan without Schufa, a regular income and a permanent employment relationship must be proven. In addition, the borrower must be at least 18 years old and have a permanent residence in Germany. The credit is given without asking the Schufa, as well as without entry of the small loan into the same, thus the creditworthiness of the borrower is not further influenced.

If you want to apply for a small loan despite Schufa, you should first search the Internet for a suitable intermediary, which is known as reputable. The application is very easy via an online form in which you can make all the important information. If a small loan can be brokered without Schufa, a success commission must be paid to the broker, which however in most cases is already included in the monthly loan installments.