Swiss credit without credit bureau for pensioners

What about a pensioner loan without credit bureau?

What about a pensioner loan without credit bureau?

You can find crowns without credit bureau and it is very difficult for a pensioner to get such a loan. I myself do not know of any credit institutions granting a loan to pensioners without credit bureau. Only your age can be seen there, because such credits always extend over several years.

The retirement pension can not be transferred as a security for a loan. This makes it hard to even get a loan through a credit broker. Private investors can be reached via the Credit Marketplace for private investors: There you can, if the Auxgeld makes possible, I can not assure you that of course you set a loan project for your loan request.

If there are enough private donors, you will receive the loan. But, as I said, no one can tell you if you are accepted as a retiree as a borrower, I do not know. But remember: Formulate the credit request in a positive way and renounce at all costs to the evil credit bureau!

Pensioner’s Loan – almost exclusively Swiss Pensioner’s Loan


For pensioners, the search for a Swiss loan is very limited. The requirement profile for a Swiss loan is clearly defined. As a pensioner or retiree, it is only in a few exceptions possible to feel these conditions. The article offers further evidence of non-creative ways of lending and alternative options for retirees. The idea of ​​being able to grant a free credit based on mere confiscation of earned income.

Two points stand against a Swiss loan for pensioners. According to official figures, an average pension below 1000 EUR is net. Another insurmountable barrier for a “retiree” is the age limit for non-creator foreign loans. Since 2010, as far as we know, only one foreign bank has legally offered a non-draft credit to the Germans.

The pensioners can earn next to their pension an almost unlimited amount. Anyone who has a net income of at least EUR 1,130 as an individual can borrow. Only those who are not registered in the Public Debt Register can avail themselves of a loan from bank without credit reporting. There are no loans with an affidavit or for people who are being held in house arrest.

Even in the case of a seizure or insolvency, there are no credit prospects. Anyone who qualifies for the Swiss Pensioners Loan gets the same credit terms as any other borrower. A creation free bond is only possible in two amounts. The repayment of the loan is always in 40 constant monthly installments. The following are eligible: 3500 EUR credit without credit agency at the annual interest rate of 11.62%.

There is little chance of qualifying for a non-leveraged loan for retirees.

There is little chance of qualifying for a non-leveraged loan for retirees.

Only through a loan, despite credit bureau a fair credit rating can be determined. Noteworthy are the opportunities offered by a loan from private lenders. Biggest platforms to reach private investors. A grant of loans despite credit bureau is only possible in exceptional cases, since the credit bureau is not completely destroyed.

Another way would be to turn to a bank. Serious credit brokers know about special banks, which make credit bureau financially feasible. In case of doubt, a German credit institution can also request a guarantor for assistance. This is not possible with the Swiss Pensioner Loan via the foreign bank.

No pensioner should hope for too high a credit despite credit bureau or credit bureau. Credit brokers who are still hopeful and then call for a callback on a service number are most likely tricks. In this almost hopeless situation, it is advisable to refer only to a recognized credit institution. One way to accomplish this would be bon credits.

If a resident intermediary can not help, neither a Swiss pensioner loan nor a loan is a possibility despite credit bureau. If the loan application is a small amount, such as repairing a washing machine, social loans can be helpful.